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Regardless Devon contac info:

(before any ones friend request get's excepted they have too read the questions about D.H.D and fill out an interview worksheet)....THe DHD worksheet will be distributed threw the e-mail afther you submit an friend request too d.h.d @ dhd's email is


1. Why was D.H.D created?
D.H.D is an organization that was created too give humans in our society an ubiquitous Chance too stand up for their selves ,and congregate beliefs and disbeliefs in decreasing negativity , and hate in which a way of clairvoyance, that helps our organization be one of the privatest and highest organizations in the world…

2. What D.H.D. expects of it’s members?
D.H.D expects it’s members to have an open mind,we expect all of our mebers too be intelligent and use common sense.We expect you to be able too stand up in front of groups of people and speak intelligent reality concepts. We expect you too use neosterics, we expect you to understand nemesis,we expect you to be recruiter oriented.
We design ethics in which a way you should be able too write at least thrity pages in one month.We expect you too feal smart in Astrology,Economics,Parapsychology and General Practices. WE expect you too respect other members and have a decent relationship with them.WE EXPECT YOU TO GO THREW A BAPTISING PROCESS TOO SHOW THAT YOU ARE SINCERE.We all have issues and separate lives,and some thing’s may need not be known. D.H.D expects our members too have integrity,we expect our members too be ingenious,we expect our members too be able to travel in groups.We need too respect each other and stay together..

3. Why is D.H.D sometimes promoted negative?
D.H.D was promoted negative too conceptualize minority of trust. The usage and slang of Fuck God and using the name god for the devil, was designed too conceptualize minority of trust-not to disrespect society…Every one shouldn’t know exactly what our organization believes in, so we minoritized humans who can’t understand that D.H.D is not a game and that we reduntalize real aspects of the universe..

4. What age should D.H.D members be?
D.H.D members should be consecutive of an age passed minor,they should be 18 or older, 23 and older for some situation beliefs…

5. Where should D.H.D members education be at?
We expect our members to be @ an high educational level ,nobody in our organization is going too look at you as idiotic, we except all educational backgrounds. but if you do not have a high school diploma or G.E.D, we will except you, however we expect you to be working on a High school diploma or a G.E.D.

6.D.H.D - why was D.H.D named D.H.D?
D.H.D was named Devil Hate Devil (D.H.D) too go aginst negative people,negative animals,negative insects, and also negative spirits…also too display belief that nobody should be over us indvidualy or over our spirits or our D.H.D society…Also because some people hate the redundance that our society locates at,at least that’s whats possible to be believed,But It is not what I believ will hurt our society…..
7. Is D.H.D connected too any other organizations?
Yes D.H.D is connected with other organizations…
8 How can D.H.D effect members negatively?
D.H.D can effect mebers negative if they speak blasphemy about members or our organization,if they pray and act on negative issues,if they aren’t Sincere and trust worthy,if they talk too the wrong people about our organization. If they have close relatives that do not like them being members of our organization (WE SWORE TOO SECRECY)<

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